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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January 1, 2024

At Broadway, our mission is to empower students, teachers, and schools in navigating the digital landscape. We understand the significant responsibility that comes with this mission and the trust placed in us. Recognizing the concerns visitors may have regarding their data, we’ve developed a comprehensive Privacy Policy, accessible on By using our website, you signify that you’ve reviewed and agreed to the terms outlined in the policy. Below is a brief summary of the key points for your convenience.



You have the option to share two types of information with us:

  1. Personal information: This is the data you willingly disclose.
  2. General, non-personal information: This is information collected during your website visits that is not specific to your personal identity.

Personal information
We may require certain personal information from you to fulfill your service requests. When making purchases on the website, such as acquiring services, you’ll be asked to share details like credit card information to complete the transaction.

In order to offer assistance and timely information, we may also request personal data, such as your email address. This allows us to provide the necessary support and deliver relevant services efficiently.



Cookies are utilized on the website to collect data on its usage. These are small pieces of data stored on your hard disk by your web browser. Information obtained from cookies and our web server logs includes visit dates and times, pages viewed, time spent, and websites visited before and after ours.

It’s important to note that this information is not personally linked to you. You have the option to disable cookies through your web browser’s preferences menu, though this might impact the proper functioning of some parts of the website. If you choose to provide personal data voluntarily, you retain the ability to modify, update, or delete such information at any time.



We prioritize the security of the personal data we collect by implementing stringent measures. Access to our servers is limited, and we’ve incorporated security systems to deter unauthorized entry. Despite these precautions, it’s essential to acknowledge that no internet-based data system can be entirely foolproof. Therefore, sharing personal data with us is done at your own discretion and risk.

It’s important to clarify that we don’t store, nor do we have any intention to store, any financial data you may share, such as credit or debit card details, in any format, be it electronic or otherwise. Access to your personal data is only granted when legally mandated, and such data is disclosed solely for specific and limited purposes.



We will work with you to resolve, quickly and fairly, any complaint you may have about our data protection policy. At any time, you may ask us to:

  • Send you a copy of your personal information.
  • Remove such information from our records.
  • Alter or update any such information.

You can do this by emailing us at

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