Broadway International Home School

Our Story

Our Story

Broadway International Practical Homeschooling began in the year of 2019, as a small educational community with 14 students in a remote area of Oman. During the 2020 Covid pandemic, when the conventional schools became clueless, Broadway provided great relief for students and families by facilitating uninterrupted schooling experience using digital technologies. In 2021, responding to parental feedback, it transitioned to a more structured homeschooling model, focusing on individualized learning. The following year, faced with a choice between traditional schooling and Broadway’s
unique model, a large number of students chose to stay. We continued to evolve and in 2023 an innovative psychometric tool was developed at Broadway to track social and emotional development of students. As 2024 approaches, Broadway International Homeschooling is set to fully embrace practical homeschooling, preparing students for life with hands-on experiences, signifying its evolution as a journey into the future of education.

Story of Broadway

Our Progress

2019     Unschooling             18 Students
2020    Unschooling             83 Students
2021     Homeschooling     162 Students
2022     Homeschooling     365 Students
2023     Homeschooling     693 Students
2024     Practical Homeschooling 

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