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Every sphere in life has been transformed in the digital age. Why should schooling be an old one out? Bringing you a new way of online schooling in Dubai, Broadway International Homeschooling is the best way to get a school education in Dubai from the comfort of your home.

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CBSE Syllabus with innovative teaching methodologies by giving individual attention and mentoring

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We defy the concept that being in a physical presence of a tutor is the only way of acquiring complete knowledge. Curiosity is the guide to every person’s thirst for knowledge and that is exactly what we create, cultivate and channelize in each of our students. Parents play the primary role in our quest since they are the first and the best teacher a child can ever come upon.

Broadway Education


We cater to each child’s unique pace and style, ensuring foundational skills and knowledge develop systematically and naturally.
Broadway Education


Cambridge International Education offers a well-structured and progressive framework for students from the early years through to secondary education.

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With tailored learning that recognizes the individuality of each child, we provide age-appropriate, personalized mentoring that ensures every student flourishes.

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Homeschooling Cost in Dubai, UAE
The homeschooling fees in Dubai will depend on the curriculum, platform, student level and the subjects you select.
Broadway International homeschooling curriculum in the UAE and the costs will be influenced by the following factors.
Student level, Syllabus, Homeschooling platform, Languages & Activities, Textbooks, Exam fees, etc.

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We've taught 5k+ Children's from all over the world

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